Supporting Businesses to Achieve their Sustainable Carbon Goals in 2024 use your physical desktop and server infrastructure data to calculate the number of tonnes of carbon that would take you back to net neutral, proving you as a climate-conscious business.

Introducing the Carbon Calculator

Establish how many tonnes you need to invest in to achieve carbon neutrality for your IT infrastructure.

Please enter the number of devices that comprise your server and desktop infrastructure for your bespoke carbon credit result.

Server Infrastructure

Enter the number of physical servers that have:

Enter the number of public cloud based servers that have:

Enter the number of storage (SAN/ NAS) devices that have:

Desktop Infrastructure

Enter the number of monitors you own that are between the following size brackets:

How many laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 devices do you have?

How many towers, all-in-ones and SFF desktops do you have?

Proud to Partner have partnered with Ecologi to provide businesses across the UK with the ability to offset the carbon emissions that they are unable to avoid.

The calculator provides you with a bespoke quote that will offset not only your physical infrastructure (desktops, laptops, servers) but your cloud server infrastructure too.

  1. Use the calculator
  2. Make a note of your result
  3. Make your purchase via Ecologi